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Sriti jha Profile

About sriti jha:

Sriti Jha was born on 26 february 1986 in Darbhanga Bihar,then she completed her studies from Modern Indian School Kathmandu and than in Delhi from Laxman Public School & Sri Venkateswara College. she started her carrer from a television show Dhoom Machaao Dhoom as Malini Sharma.After the success of dhoom machaao dhoom,she did lead role name Suhani in Shaurya Aur Suhani which was aired on STAR Plus, It was a fantasy based show that focuses on Shaurya and Suhani's love story.Soon she got a break on the show Jiya Jale aired on channel 9X as the leading lady name Sunaina which was the concept of love story of Sunaina and Chandan.After which sriti jha continued in a show name Jyoti aired on Ndtv imagine Sriti played a side role of character name Sudha who was introvert .then she played as a lead actress in show name Raktsambandh again on Ndtv Imagine where Sriti was a visually impaired girl who manages to live happily with the support of her family and recently Sriti played a lead role of Jhanvi in dil se dua -Saubhagyavati Bhava aired on life ok and now she is playing a lead role in Balika Vadhu.

Sriti JhaProfile


Sriti Jha strated her television debut in Dhoom Machaao Dhoom as Malini Sharma.her success story started when Sriti played the lead role in Shaurya Aur Suhani on STAR Plus. she then got a break on the channel 9X for leading role for show Jiya Jale. After the end of Jiya Jale, Sriti Jha was set to do another show name Angad on 9x. But due to financial crisis of 9X it lead to an halt.then she played side role in serial name jyoti as Sudha aired on NDTV Imagine. After that she got a role of a lead actress in Raktsambandh on NDTV imagine and than in Dil Se Di Dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava on Colors and currentli in Colors Balika Vadhu.

Sriti jha in balika vadhu:

Sriti jha will be Jagya's new love interest in Colors popular TV show balika.She will be playing role of victim of child marriage and Jagya will help her. Her character Ganga has seen a lot of grief in life, after going through a child marriage. She is a mother to an infant and has faced a lot of problems from her in-laws. Then,slowly they will start liking each other,bringing a a new twist in show.

Sriti jha in jiya jale:

Jiya Jale was serial which aired on 9X on 12 November 2007 , where Jha played a leading role of a girl name Sunaina. jiya jale was based on the concept of love story of Sunaina and chandan. Sunaina in Jiya Jale was an ordinary girl who had a close and caring family. The story take a turn when she fall in love with a boy name Chandan. soon they get caught in trials and tribulation of hatred and betrayal which automatically bring change to there life and the story goes on.

Srit Jha In Jyoti:

Jyoti was a daily soap that was aired on NDTV Imagine. It strated on 16 February 2009.Jyoti was the serial about a girl eldest of three daughters and was the only lady earning in the family, who sacrifices her dreams to accomplish all dreams of her family.Sriti Jha in Jyoti played the role of Sudha (aka Sudhi) who is eldest sister of jyoti.Sudha was much suppressed, introvert and has concealed feelings.Sudha never got the love and care of parents and so she was always in books.This gave her a split personality.

Sriti Jha in Shaurya aur suhani:

Shaurya Aur Suhani was a show aired on STAR Plus which strated on 21 March 2009. It was a fantasy show that has love story of Shaurya and Suhani.Sriti Jha in Shaurya and Suhani played a leading role of a character name Suhani .Shaurya aur Suhani was a story about a destiny child name Shaurya who was born in royal family and was taken away to the jungle to protect him. the story showed romantic love story between Shaurya and Suhani where Shaurya a strong and tough man struggle for his kingdom.The story portrays love story of two charcter who have diffrent class and caste find their way to each others heart.

Sriti Jha in Rakt Sambandh:

Rakt Sambandh was a thriller show aired on NDTV Imagine which started on 19 July 2010.Sriti Jha in Rakt Sambandh played the role of Sandhya, who was a visually impaired girl had four elder sisters and a loving father and manages to live a normal life with the support of her family But her life changes when Sandhya's father died on her wedding day.The mysterious death of her father turn her to a shock but soon she start smiling again with the love and care of her husband yuvraj who belong to a very rich family .Than she find out that yuvraj family have its deep and dark secret .This was the story about Sandhya and the secrets of her husband.

Dil se di dua - Saubhagyavati Bhava :

Dil Se Di Dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava is an drama that airs on Life OK which strated on 18 December 2011.In Dil se di dua - saubhagyavati bhava she is playing lead role of a lady name Jhanvi. the story is based on struggle of Sriti as jhanvi with his over possesive and abusive husband Viraj.Viraj, who had an abusive childhood,behaves miserably with jhanvi , being very sweet and nice same time. Jhanvi always try to save her marriage doing all what she can do to save their marriage.Jhahnvi's parents are not aware of it but Jhahnvi's grandmother is suspicious about Viraj.The story continues with Jhanvi dreaming that Viraj might change someday.

Personal Profile:

Birth Name-Sriti Jha

DOB-26 April 1986

Age: 27 yrs

Height- 5.5 approx

Star Sign-Pieces

Debut-Dhoom Machaao Dhoom in Disney Channel

Sriti jha on facebook:

you can find her on facebook too.

Sriti jha's fan club:

There are many fanclubs of Sriti jha.

New serial:Balika Vadhu

Sriti is doing an important role of Ganga in Balika Vadhu on colors. The story deals with child marriage, a social custom that is still practiced in some parts of India despite being banned. Ganga is victim of child marriage and Jagya will help her.

Sriti Jha and Karanvir Bohra:

Sriti Jha and karanvir Bohra are playing together a lead role in Dil Se Di Dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava aired on Life Ok .she is playing a leading role name jhanvi and karanvir as viraj. here she is playing the role of a lady who is struggling with his husaband and karanvir as viraj is playing a role of an abusive husband.

Sriti Jha and Saurabh Pandey:

Sriti Jha and Saurabh pandey have played together in Jiya Jale show aired on 9X .Jiya Jale was the serial based on love story of Sunaina and Chandan where Sriti played the role of Sunaina and Saurabh played as Chandan.

Sriti Jha and Vikrant Massey:

Sriti Jha and Vikrant Massey have been casted together for Dhoom Machaao Dhoom aired on Disney Channel. Sriti Jha and Vikrant Massey are linked together in a relationship with each other but to that they declined saying they are just good friends.


when asked is there someone special in her life? she replied that - "It might sound very cliched, but I've no time for love. Work keeps me so busy, that I hardly get time for myself." from the sentence it is expected that she is still single.but before this Sriti jha has been linked up with her co star Vikrant Massey in a relationship who worked with her in Dhoom Machao Dhoom and Jiya Jale.they were linked together on facebook it was also said that they are soon getting married but to this they both kept silence and they denied to be in realtionship of any kind.they amitted to be good friends and nothing else.

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